Washington State’s Most Scenic Drives


Mt. Rainier from Sunrise viewing point

Chinook Scenic Byway

From south King County the Chinook Scenic Byway is by far the best and most beautiful ways to access eastern Washington in the late-spring and summer months. The journey starts from Enumclaw, WA heading into the huge Cascade Foothills. On this drive you are going to get the best views of Mt. Rainier, including the amazing sunrise viewing point. The route descends into Yakima, passing through the dramatic Wenatchee National Forest along the American River and traveling the distinctive basalt flows of the Columbia Plateau. At the top of Chinook Pass, you can also continue south to Cayuse pass which will take you past Rimrock Lake and the put-in point of our Tieton River adventure. The Chinook Scenic Byway is a great drive that everyone should take at least once in the lives.

Lake Chelan from Chelan Butte Road

Chelan to Leavenworth

This beautiful 62-mile stretch of highway originates along the south shore of Lake Chelan and takes Navarre Coulee around Bear Mountain. Then it follows the Columbia River to Wenatchee and turns west along the Wenatchee River to Leavenworth – the stretch of our Wenatchee River trip. During the summer season, the section of the drive from Wenatchee to Leavenworth along the Wenatchee River is excellent. You’ll definitely want to stop at Peshastin Pinnacles State Park to watch the rock climbers. Lake Chelan is a spectacular glacier-carved 51-mile long lake that is flanked on both sides by towering mountains. The further north you go, the higher the peaks get.  In the winter, the lake is lowered to allow for spring runoff. Lake Chelan is perfect for those on our Wenatchee/Methow overnight excursion. You definitely do not want to miss the amazing experience of Lake Chelan while you are there.

Blue Sky Outfitters offers exciting rafting adventures on the Wenatchee and Tieton Rivers in Central Washington, the Methow River near Lake Chelan, and the White Salmon River near the Columbia Gorge.  Blue Sky Outfitters has provided exciting, all-inclusive fun-filled rafting adventures in Washington State for over 30 years. Give us a call today at (800) 228-7238 or email us at rafting@blueskyoutfitters.com for more information.


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Blue Sky Outfitters offers exciting rafting adventures on the Wenatchee and Tieton Rivers in Central Washington, the Methow River near Lake Chelan, and the White Salmon River near the Columbia Gorge. Blue Sky Outfitters has provided exciting, all-inclusive fun-filled rafting adventures in Washington State for over 30 years. Give us a call today at (800) 228-7238 or email us at rafting@blueskyoutfitters.com for more information.

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  1. charlikerns says :

    I still see snow on that mountain in the background….my Southeastern brain cannot compute this. Nice post, though!

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