Conquer the Tieton!

If you have never heard of the Tieton River, you’re not alone. The Tieton is a lake sourced river tucked into the southeast edge of Snoqualmie National Forest. And if you have, we have a quiz for you: How many months out of the year can one descend the Tieton? If you answered “1,” congratulations, you are pretty knowledgeable and if you did not answer with 1, well, don’t be discouraged, you learn something new every day – many first-time rafters start on the mighty Tieton River. The Tieton River is actually only 45 minutes west of Yakima, making it very popular for Eastern Washington vacationers and Yakima river-junkies. Rimrock lake reservoir is the main source of the Tieton’s water. The Tieton has very little water for most of the year but once September arrives, the floodgates of Rimrock Dam are opened and the glorious H2O runs free, providing beginning to advanced rafters with the best whitewater in Washington State. The Tieton is also fast! In fact it is the fastest river in the state, giving rafters a plentiful 19 miles of pure and continuous Washington State whitewater. What could be better? That’s right, nothing. Add Blue Sky’s classic riverside top sirloin steak barbeque to the mix along with our seasoned professional guides and you have just discovered THE BEST whitewater rafting trip in the state of Washington.

This group conquered the Tieton! No easy feat.

However, maybe you’ve heard some other things about Rattlesnake Hills (the area that the Tieton flows through) and its distinguished wineries. Maybe you are a wine lover? Yeah, we’re talking to you wineheads. Don’t worry though, Blue Sky has you covered. We package the renowned tour of the Rattlesnake Hills Wine Trail with our Tieton River Whitewater Adventure (complete with our riverside barbeque!), providing you with two, yes two, fun-filled days of pure whitewater and winetasting delight. But wait, there’s more! We also provide hotel accommodations the evening after rafting the Tieton, so you are refreshed and ready to hit four of Rattlesnake Hill’s best wineries the next day! And at the last winery you visit on the trail, Silver Lake Winery, you will have the choice of a delicious chicken, rib or salmon barbeque, the perfect way to end your day.

Wine tasting awaits at four of Rattlesnake Hill’s amazing wineries

So if you are looking for an exciting but relaxing overnight getaway head out to the Rattlesnake Hills and try out the Tieton Whitewater Adventure or the Tieton Overnight Whitewater and Wine Tour. You will not be disappointed.


About blueskyoutfitters

Blue Sky Outfitters offers exciting rafting adventures on the Wenatchee and Tieton Rivers in Central Washington, the Methow River near Lake Chelan, and the White Salmon River near the Columbia Gorge. Blue Sky Outfitters has provided exciting, all-inclusive fun-filled rafting adventures in Washington State for over 30 years. Give us a call today at (800) 228-7238 or email us at for more information.

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